Invoices will be printed and posted each Friday in your child’s cubby/mailbox. Please review each bill for accuracy. TUITION is payable in advance on a weekly basis. Tuition is due the Friday before the actual week being serviced. Please remember that your tuition will be charged even if your child is absent from the center. A late charge will be added to any unpaid balance that is not paid by Thursday AM of each week.

Schoolhouse will be closed for the following holidays:
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • President’s Day (Teacher In-Service)
  • Labor Day
  • New Years Day
Schoolhouse will close each year for 3  staff in-service days (Fall, Winter and Spring).
School Closing
In the event of inclement weather, we make every effort to remain open. If we do find it necessary to close or open late, NBC 10 will display the information on TV beginning at 5:00 a.m. and it will be available on their web site. You will also receive closing information for any emergency situation through our Facebook page or through Tadpoles, which works by phone and email. You may also use the school’s answering machine. If it is necessary to close early, for any reason, the school will contact each family directly.
Birthdays and Special Occasions

Throughout the year we celebrate a variety of special events: Halloween Parties, Thanksgiving Feasts, Holiday Shows, etc. Families and friends are welcome to join our celebrations. Please let your child’s teacher know in advance that you would like to bring in a special treat (cupcakes, cookies) for your child’s birthday.

Outside Play

Every classroom is required on a daily basis to participate in outdoor play. Please be sure that your child/ children have the appropriate outerwear, this includes  gloves, hats, coats, snow suits and boots. This also includes a bottle of sunscreen that should be left in the classroom. Every item must be properly marked with the child’s name.



Health & Safety

Health and Safety

Our goal is to ensure that every child in our care is in the safest environment possible. Upon entering our facilities there is a security system for guardians to gain access.

  • Emergency contact forms are filled out by each family.
  • Hand-washing is required upon entry into our facility and is practiced during diapering, bathroom, and meal routines.
  • Children are taught to manage health practices independently.
  • Professional janitorial services clean our facilities every evening.
  • Staff are good role models for health practices.
  • Care is always given to children’s appearances.
  • First aid kits are accessible to teachers at all times.
  • Families are responsible for bringing their children to the center in good health.
  • Children who have been diagnosed with any illnesses are asked to notify the director immediately. We will then inform all of the families in our center so that they are made aware of any symptoms associated with that particular illness.
  • Non-toxic play materials are provided.
  • Staff take action to prevent safety problems and children are explained the reason for safety rules.
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas are arranged to avoid safety problems.

FREE REGISTRATION at initial enrollment.

When submitting your completed enrollment packet to the center director, mention the code 'FREE REGISTRATION' and receive a one time credit for free registration. This offer is for new families only.

Note: Upon Availability.

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