Nursery school


For: 6 Weeks – 13 Months


The Schoolhouse Learning Center Nursery Program is designed to provide each infant a feeling of warmth, confidence, and security. The infants’ schedules that are provided by the guardians are individualized, allowing the staff to spend quality time with each infant and to respond to his/her specific needs. Daily logs provide all information regarding your infant’s day to ensure that there is a smooth transition from home to school. Our “No Shoes” policy helps to maintain a clean environment for our crawling infants.

Within our Nursery Room, our curriculum is intended to a range of basic motor skills, sensory play, and natural curiosity. Music and books are an essential part of each infant’s day. Our infant play areas are filled with toys that encourage each infant to develop at their own pace. Our staff, along with each child’s guardian, work together to help your infant transition to the Young Toddler Class.

For questions, please call our office 215-345-9103.

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Young Toddler

(Ages: 13 Months - 25 Months)


(Ages: 25 Months - 37 Months)


(Ages: 3 - 4)


(Ages: 4 - 5)


(Ages: 5 - 6)


(Ages: 6 - 12)


(Ages: 5 - 12)

FREE REGISTRATION at initial enrollment.

When submitting your completed enrollment packet to the center director, mention the code 'FREE REGISTRATION' and receive a one time credit for free registration. This offer is for new families only.

Note: Upon Availability.

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Schoolhouse Learning Center is hiring at all of our locations for full and part time staff. No experience necessary. We will train. Benefit package included. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.