Nursery school


For: 4 – 5


The Pre-Kindergarten Program promotes an enthusiastic and receptive attitude toward school. By combining a diverse academic program with a healthy socially-oriented approach to play, we strive to create a fun-filled day for your child. Learning centers in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom facilitate literacy, math, science, social studies, technology, and creative arts. It is important to provide these children with the ability to make independent choices of their activities. With such independence, we reinforce the need for self-help skills in gaining a sense of responsible social play which helps them develop skills that will serve them throughout. Your child also enjoys outside play where they can run, climb, jump, observe and explore nature first hand. The teachers help each child acquire an appreciation of his/her self-worth and respect for others. Our goal is to help each child meet their developmental and emotional needs and foster their creativity.

For questions, please call our office 215-345-9103.

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(Ages: 6 Weeks - 13 Months)

Young Toddler

(Ages: 13 Months - 25 Months)


(Ages: 25 Months - 37 Months)


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(Ages: 5 - 6)


(Ages: 6 - 12)


(Ages: 5 - 12)

FREE REGISTRATION at initial enrollment.

When submitting your completed enrollment packet to the center director, mention the code 'FREE REGISTRATION' and receive a one time credit for free registration. This offer is for new families only.

Note: Upon Availability.

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Schoolhouse Learning Center is hiring at all of our locations for full and part time staff. No experience necessary. We will train. Benefit package included. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.