Nursery school


For: 5 – 6


Our Kindergarten Program at Schoolhouse Learning Center is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the PA Learning Standards are integrated in lesson planning. Schoolhouse Learning Center is committed to the development of the whole child including physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Our Kindergarten Program embraces the same goal, encouraging aspects of development in the design of the curriculum. Children learn reading, writing and math fundamentals and complement their educational lessons with active curiosity activities. Learning centers throughout the classroom incorporate literacy, math, science, social studies, creative arts, and technology. The centers help them develop confidence when they complete tasks successfully and the children develop social skills with one another by sharing and taking turns. Since children are very inquisitive and seek knowledge of everyday life, we provide answers and instruct the children about their world around them.

*Schoolhouse Learning Center offers 1/2 day Kindergarten transportation to the local elementary schools.

For questions, please call our office 215-345-9103.

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(Ages: 6 Weeks - 13 Months)

Young Toddler

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(Ages: 5 - 12)

FREE REGISTRATION at initial enrollment.

When submitting your completed enrollment packet to the center director, mention the code 'FREE REGISTRATION' and receive a one time credit for free registration. This offer is for new families only.

Note: Upon Availability.

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Schoolhouse Learning Center is hiring at all of our locations for full and part time staff. No experience necessary. We will train. Benefit package included. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.