Diaper Cream Policy

    This form gives consent to apply diaper cream (that has been supplied by you) to your child, when necessary. The following procedure will be followed, assuming that we have the form completed and signed by the parent or guardian.

    1. Diaper cream will be labeled with your child's name and be provided by the parent/guardian.

    2. You will be notified verbally and by a note when it is necessary to replenish your supply of diaper cream for your child.

    3. The diaper cream will be applied using a facial tissue, toilet tissue or wearing a clean disposable glove to the area that needs it.

    4. A staff member will make a phone call or a note will be written to the parent or guardian if there are any skin problems such as redness, skin cracks, or bleeding.

    Please sign the below consent form. If you choose not to sign below, diaper cream will not be applied at any time to your child by the staff at Schoolhouse Learning Center, Inc.

    I give my consent for my child to receive an application of diaper cream by his/her teacher at Schoolhouse Learning Center. Diaper cream will be labeled with your child's name and will be provided by me, the parent or guardian.

    FREE REGISTRATION at initial enrollment.

    When submitting your completed enrollment packet to the center director, mention the code 'FREE REGISTRATION' and receive a one time credit for free registration. This offer is for new families only.

    Note: Upon Availability.

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